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Tour-standard golf coaching

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Coaching Services

Using Zen Putting Mechanics™ to master golf’s most baffling challenge – how to get the ball into the small hole a few feet away.

Zen Putting Mechanics™

One to one lessons with Tour putting coach Nick Middleton are available. He has worked with many Tour golfers, and has collaborated with leading academics to build programs which create success on the greens.

Use the proven power of Zen Putting Mechanics™ to master all aspects of putting. Individual and Corporate packages are available. Please contact Nick on +44 (0)7971 403627 or email


Introducing FlowMotion Coaching – a revolutionary full swing and short game programme that’s simply the most efficient game improvement system in golf.

Proven over 25 years and with over 40,000 successful introductions to golf, FlowMotion is quick, fun and it works for golfers of all skill levels with lasting results. Contact Nick Middleton to book your introductory FlowMotion session.

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