Relish, not Fear

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Welcome the Challenge

Truly enjoy being a golfer – even if that’s the last way you would describe yourself.

Because, standing on a Green Stage, you’re a golfer all right – first timer, or veteran. You’re playing the game for real.

Mind, Body and Motion

Mind .. visualise, then execute. Body .. bio-mechanics, and motor control. Motion .. green-reading, impact vector, then path & pace.

Zen’s objective is to enable you to better enjoy golf, and all the health benefits it has to offer. On a Zen Green Stage, your mind, body and motion control skills will work in harmony, preparing you for a real golf course like no other indoor practice environment has ever done.

Relish the next shot

In the immersive environment of the Zen Green Stage, you’re training yourself to master every slope on the golf course. Repeated practice prepares your mind and body for when it meets the same challenge on the actual fairways.

Then you’ll feel yourself relish the next shot – because you’ve prepared for it on the Zen Green Stage.

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