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Yes. The Zen Green Stage is a very popular addition to the home studio or games room, with its weight distributed evenly across the surface area. A durable base board which acts as a soft barrier between the Zen Green Stage and the existing floor surfaces adds an additional layer of protection. The floor does not need to be perfectly level, as the Zen Green Stage has an ingenious calibration system which compensates for uneven surfaces or variations in the floor level.

Depending on the size chosen, a typical Zen Green Stage installation is under three hours.

Yes. Custom sizes are available up to 24ft (7.3m) in length and 8ft (2.4m) in width.

The innovative Zen Green Stage design allows you to use of any type of synthetic turf or surface for full swing or putting. Materials are widely available with speeds ranging from 8 to 18 on the Stimp Meter. Changing the speed simply involves exchanging the turf, which takes only a few minutes. Zen has tested many of the leading brands and can offer advice on the right choice for your application.

Zen is working on green-mapping technology to make this feature available in the future.

With our end goal to become the world’s leader platform for full swing putting, we are in talks with some of the biggest simulator companies to make this happen.

Gradients of more than 14% are available in the transverse plane (side slopes) and 8% in the longitudinal plane (uphill/downhill slopes), making the Zen Green Stage simply the most dramatic stage in golf.

The Zen Green Stage is principally designed for use in a dry, indoors environment. Where conditions are suitable, it is safe for an outdoor installation although we highly recommend that weatherproof cover is provided. The principle 24 volt power control systems and all the components are IP-rated.

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It is safe to stand on the Zen Green Stage while it is moving, as the movement is gradual, although we do not recommend this for people who are unsteady on their feet. We recommend that no more than three people stand on the Zen Green Stage at any one time.

The Zen Green Stage plugs into a standard domestic power supply.

The Zen Green Stage is incredibly accurate to within 1mm and 0.2% gradient.

The Zen Green Stage takes around six seconds to move into your chosen position. The transition from one shape to another is virtually silent, and exceptionally smooth.

The Zen Green Stage has a dedicated remote-control system, and you can also control it with your PC, your tablet or with your mobile phone.

The Zen Green Stage is fitted with an emergency stop feature which immediately arrests any operation of the platform.

In the unlikely incidence of failure during normal operation, please consult the Fault Finder section on our website. Should the problem persist, please contact the Zen Customer Services Department where staff will assist with your enquiry. All parts and labour are covered with a 12-month guarantee from date of installation. Thereafter, an optional maintenance package is available.

The Zen Green Stage is the perfect partner for industry-leading golf technology such as simulators, full-swing launch monitors and putting analysis technology, plus Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) systems.

The Zen Green Stage is already used by many of the world’s leading players, academies and coaches. Please ask us about our Zen Golf Mechanics Academy program, which is designed specifically for coaching on the Zen Green Stage.

We are developing a multi-player module which will allow users to compete online and compare scores.

Standard production time is six weeks from receipt of deposit.

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