Full Swing

Real-world slopes for better approach play

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Take learning to a new level

Within seconds, replicate sidehill, uphill and downhill lies – the ones you find out on the golf course. You’re no longer limited to flat-surface practice.

If you are serious about full swing coaching, practice or indoor golf simulator play, a Zen Green Stage takes you to the next level.

Now, golf simulators come to life like never before. Replicate not just shots but actual slopes – for fairway approaches, and even the short game. And Zen Green Stage is the perfect hitting platform for a covered outdoor driving range, too.

Dial in the gradient

No more searching around the practice ground for the right sort of lie. Just specify which gradient you want, and the Zen Green Stage moves into position.

Shape it from sloping lies

Learn to shape the ball in all conditions. Need to hit a draw from a hanging lie? Fade it with the ball above your feet? Control your ball height from an uphill lie? The shots are hard, but creating the practice conditions is easy – with Zen Green Stage.

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