Tim Cutshall

“A launch monitor just gives you data. Zen Green Stage makes you a better golfer” Tim Cutshall

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Tim Cutshall is the USA’s leading solutions provider and systems integrator for country clubs, golf clubs, golf schools and university golf programs.

Starting from an empty room, he can create a studio environment which immediately starts generating revenue, and inspiring your customers.

About Tim

  • Since 1993, the first true innovator in golf studio design
  • Broadcast studio design expert
  • Has overseen hundreds of US golf school installations
  • Including 89 NCAA Division 1 schools
  • A-Z solution, from concept design to commissions, final installation & support
  • 2019, embraces Zen Green Stage, begins to design swing rooms around it

Tim Cutshall on Zen Green Stage

  • “People step off the Green Stage after their first time and say, Oh My God that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen. I see it as being like when TopGolf first came on the scene.”
  • “Nowadays you should be designing your room around the Green Stage”
  • “Zen Green Stage is the new go-to for putting – but it wows for full swing and simulator golf too.”
  • “Zen Green Stage is the first thing I now expose to people, when I first meet them”
  • “It is a must if you are designing a modern, multi-purpose golf teaching facility.”
  • “Zen Green Stage is a powerful recruiting tool for universities”
  • “With electronics you need to get your return within two years, as most systems have obsolescence built-in. But not with Green Stage – it offers a long-term return.”

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