Zen Putters

Zen Putters

Zen Putters

After the previous success of our Zen Putter Range we have decided to re-launch a range of specially designed putters.

Announcing the re-release of our putter range. Be the first to get your hands on our custom tour design technology as we look to redefine the putter game once again. Our putters are 100% milled from forged stainless steel grade 303. This intensive multi-part procedure maintains the crystaline integrity of the material in our quest to create instruments of optimum performance and pleasure.

With one in your bag you’ll be producing more accurate putts and developing more consistent distance control with our face technology. The Zen ‘RDE’ (Reduced Dimple Error) patented technology uses precision milled Micro Ridges (not grooves) that work to ensure every “makeable” putt has precise delivery that rolls true and straight into the Hole.

Stock putters put the club before the player and that’s why so many players struggle with putting problems. Complete your custom process using our unique fitting guide to create a putter that works perfectly for you.

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Our Putter Ranges

Centenary Putter

The soft lines and understated design brings class to the range of putters. It’s exaggerated heel and toe weighting increases sweet spot size for improved distance control.

Oracle Putter

A one piece milled mallet head provides exceptional feel and optimised alignment. Use our patented drills to dial in your stoke and improve performance.

ZA (Zen Answer) Putter

Taking tradition into a new era. Our answer design compliments the past, but brings interchangeable weights and customisability to a whole new level.

ZZ (Zen Zing) Putter

A smooth rear design provides a seamless view from above and allows the player to focus on holing putts with confidence.

ZIM (Intermediate) Putter

Our mid-mallet combines the sleek design of a blade with the stability and functionality of a mallet. This is performance optimised.

The Zen-i

Quickly transform your putter into a tour proven training system. The Zen-i provides instant feedback that allows you to understand and instantly correct any problem.

Custom Fitting

1 Set-up

  • Player sets up with eyes positioned directly over the ball. Drop a ball from the bridge of the nose to confirm eye location. This can also be done using a mirror and a line perpendicular to the ground.
  • Position club head centrally behind the ball and rest the shaft again the thigh.

2 – Geometry

  • With eyes focussed on the ball, square shoulder line to target by raising hands level with shoulders.
  • Allow hands to drop together naturally in a relaxed neutral position. Repeat the process to ensure a consistent hand position relative to the eyes and the ball.

3 – Fitting

  • Introduce the club to rest loosely onto an open palm.
  • While holding the club in position with the spare hand introduce the main hand back and forth onto the shaft to establish the correct thumb position on the club.

4 – Measure

  • Measure the specific length from the centre of the club to the middle of the thumb.

5 – Play & Perform

  • The thumb point now creates a consistent length between you and the ball.
  • Hold the club at the thumb point and take your new neutral personal stance.

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